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The Vanguard School

At The Vanguard School, our core values provide the framework for each student’s guided development in personal growth. Students learn to understand the importance of Integrity for using and appreciating the truth of themselves and others. Integrity builds trust, and in turn, develops relationships and deeper connections. With trust and honesty, students build Empathy for themselves and others. Allowing grace for past mistakes, or learning from new experiences, and a clean slate each day to build progress, students strive to learn more about how everyone can grow and understand themselves and others. Together, these values create a Community that accepts and welcomes everyone. Students build respect and support for each other, and value what their individual skills, talents, and perspectives can bring to their family, friendships, classes, and broader communities. Healthy confidence grows, and healthy opportunities become reality. These connections and realizations build Resilience in our students, resulting in self-development and Leadership across the student community.



There couldn’t be a more ideal place than Bermuda to get out and enjoy nature.  No matter where you may find yourself on the island, we are surrounded by natural beauty.  It also doesn’t hurt that the ocean is a stone’s throw away, no matter where you are.  


Considering & Applying for Life Insurance When Pregnant

If you’re pregnant—or thinking of having children—one of your many considerations may be protecting your family financially in the event that you pass away. A good life insurance policy can assist with providing financial security, but it’s a little more complex than just signing on the dotted line and forgetting about it until it’s needed. 


Where Are They Now? with Dorian Frith

Dorian Frith was featured in our 2016 Spring issue. At that time, he was in the 8th grade at Mount Saint Agnes Academy. Six years later, he’s 20, an MSA Alumni, in his sophomore year at Niagara College, Welland Campus in Ontario, Canada. Dorian’s majoring in Police Foundations with the goal of a career in Forensic Psychology and Crime Scene processing.

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